Powered by industry-recognized experts, Infunde provides lenders with a combination of objectivity, technical capability and business acumen needed to provide deep insights required through the various phases of development and capitalization.

Infunde brings a wealth of seasoned technical expertise to your project, based on a track-record of successful lenders’ engagements gained across five continents.

While other engineering consulting firms may be able to assess the technical merits of a project, Infunde’s multi-disciplinary team brings a wealth of project finance experience.

As a result, we more thoroughly understand the lenders’ engineering role and translate the technical merits of power project developments into the relevant risks, mitigants, and impacts to credit quality that are specific to lenders.

On behalf of globally recognized financial institutions, Infunde professionals have conducted lenders’ engineering reviews on a multitude of power and energy infrastructure asset classes and technologies including:

  • Wind
  • Solar (PV and thermal)
  • Biomass
  • Waste-to-energy
  • Coal fired generation (subcritical, supercritical, CFB, spreader-stoker)
  • Oil fired generation
  • Simple and Combined cycle generation (E, F, and H-class)
  • Geothermal (single flash, ORC, and well-head)
  • Energy storage and tanking infrastructure
  • LNG regasification and storage systems
  • Transmission and distribution systems
  • Biodiesel processing facilities

Role of Lenders’ Engineer

The role of the Lenders’ Engineer during the development of the power plant project can be further described as:

Verification of the Design

Infunde will review and assess on consistency, design margins, good engineering practice, operational flexibility, redundancy and maintainability the following contracting documents: process design, process flow schemes, piping and instrument diagrams, main equipment data sheets and specifications, area classification diagram, plot plan and lay-out drawings, component designs, process control philosophy, block diagram of functionality structure, electrical one line diagram and critical civil constructions.

Material and equipment selection will be checked on proven design and good operational experience records in reference plants as far as specific operational experience data can be made available and can be traced.

Special attention will be given to the technical concepts and interfaces (such as civil constructions, controls, cooling water system, and high-voltage system & grid requirements. Infunde will assess the quality assurance system, quality related codes and standards, applied for the manufacturing and construction of the power plant.

Environmental and Regulatory Analysis

Infunde will review and assess: the environmental impact assessment report; the license application forms; operating permits and correspondence with the regulatory authorities will be studied. Possible constraints will be identified. The consent allowed will be compared with the legislation requirements.

Possible future changes in legislation requirements will be specified and the impact upon future operational constraints or capital investments will be indicated. The availability of an adequate environmental management system will be verified.

Review Contractual Interfaces

The structure and responsibilities of the contracting partners, as outlined in the associated agreements, will be reviewed on evidence, consistency and completeness. Contractual responsibilities and restrictions (limitations) affecting the operational behaviour and record of the facility will be assessed.

Contractual obligations, as laid down in the engineering, procurement and construction contracts will affect the performance capability and required reliability level of the plant. Acceptance and performance test procedures as well as guarantee conditions will be reviewed to assess the plant capability and back service level.

Verification of the Financial Model Parameters

Plant figures, such as capacity, performance, availability & reliability and operating and maintenance costs, will be verified. These inputs for the financial analysis scheme as well as for the sensitivity analysis will be provided.

Review of Project Development Plans

The risks to investors during project development and execution may lead to substantial extra costs and delays. Risk oriented reviews of project plans and management documents by an independent engineer will reduce substantially the adverse consequences of oversights substantially.

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